Thursday, 22 March 2012

Love you more and more

It feels like I have loved you a million lifetimes before
still,I want to love you some more,
You are the one I adore
an angel worth pulling out chairs and opening doors for,
You can count on me when you are broken and sore
when you call, I'll never ignore
Be rest assured with me your heart is secured,
It is you my heart is missing, for you I'll always be there to listen 
to share in your pain and joy,whatever emotions you have to pour
Whether rich or poor,its you I choose to live with and live for
Maybe we could get married and have kids, three or four
You change dippers, and I mop pee off d floor
Times may change and I might get caught for breaking the law
Sometimes I might get cranky or just be an absolute bore
whatever happens, of this you can always be sure
in every moment, of every minute, of every hour, of every day
I love you more and more. 

Poett Brymoh © 2012

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