Wednesday, 21 March 2012

when the sun goes down and the moon comes up
when the stars starts falling in love with each other, while holding hands in the sky
when the world has gone to sleep in the time were men die
there i lay, in the solitude of my soul…alone and bare to the bone
dreaming, yearning for you
what audacity of beauty you possess
like the lavish splendor of a peacock
like the beautiful arrogance of the rainbow, your sensuality strokes my manly ego
i thirst for your lips, like fresh honey
my heart travels afar…..thinking of you
just wondering who you are

i marvel at your womanly curves
i crave for your touch like  a mad man under a ancestral curse
you fill my thoughts with each smile you paste on your face
i would empty my purse if your love i could purchase
but virtue lies with you, hence gold is such a waste
my words melt away like heated ice in your presence
my courage is no gladiator to challenge your gaze
for your personality invokes such an amazing grace

you have broken my wall of defense and capture the city of my heart
i am stripped bare, defenseless before your stare
hence i surrender to the reign of your love
for i am too weak to protest, too infamous to contest
you have laid my guards to eternal rest
and in my heart,you alone have been enthroned as my queen….
but still all i do is to wake up to the dream of you
….so i have been dreaming, 
dreaming away like a pleasant fool.

Poett Brymoh (c) 2012

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