Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life 
with anyone else but you as my wife
I am stuck on you and i promise to stick with you 
God willing i believe we will make it through
This is how much i am in love wit you
i fall sick if i don't lay eyes on you for one week
i am love sick and it is not a trick
love is a mystery and life is a risk…
I want to build my home with you…not with straws but with love and brick

You are my heartbeat, my honey that taste so sweet
you make the stars give me space, you cause the sun to smile on my face
the love i have for you none can replace, not on earth nor in space
How do i begin to explain the jolt of emotions that bolts through me
by the mere mention of your name
as ethereal images of you fill my membrane
many have asked me, how possible it should be that my strength and weakness be the same
history can bear me witness
you bring my soul out of distress and bail my heart from emotional recess

Like a missionary on a inquest, i have searched far and wide
Like a banker looking for scheme to invest…i have paced high and low
Like a philosopher seeking new beliefs to ingest, i have reached lands unknown 
till i found morning dew
now i have only a single request for you to digest 
my last name….on you, can i bequest?

Poett Brymoh

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